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Sturdy and Easy to Transport

A Toilet To Take Everywhere

Finding a hidden bush is a thing of the past. You're prepared when you child yells "I got to go!" With Love'Trine simply inflate and go.

Compact & Lightweight

Limitless Options

Our portable inflatable units are designed to be easily stowed and transported.

Modern Comforts Away From Home

Camping is Complete

Experience Clean and Sustainable Living with Our Environmentally friendly Portable Inflatable Toilets.

Inflates Within Seconds

Grows With Your Child

No need to worry about dirty public restrooms anymore. Child sizes work well for potty training, sport practices, long drives, beach trips, or any outdoor pursuits.

Love`Trine Compact & Lightweight Toilet Design

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Our Child Size Potty Collection

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Our units are compact and lightweight excellent for easily storage at home and perfect for beach and park playdates. The small size allows for minimum use inside your vehicle - deployed in seconds when your child yells, "I've got to go!" As an added bonus our units are sturdy and durable to handle busy little ones.

Made From Premium Drop-stitch Fabric

Our inflatable products are crafted from a robust and resilient drop-stitch fabric, which is the same type of material utilized in the construction of stand-up paddle boards. This fabric is composed of two layers of PVC coated plastic with numerous threads running through, resulting in a solid and sturdy structure that remains lightweight and portable.

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Love`Trine is a convenient and lightweight portable toilet that comes with a waste disposal system attached.